Meaghan O'Leary, MDiv RHt | healing & intuitive arts

shamanic energy medicine
in-person, or by phone, skype, facetime

This work is beneficial at any stage along your spiritual path. I often recommend it as a regular practice to maintain good energetic health — a necessity for sustaining your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Shamanic energy medicine (also called extraction work) is used to clear your energy body of emotional ties, trauma, memories, thought forms and vibrations that are not yours, or that are causing blockages. This allows you to have your own experience, in the present, without being affected by stagnant energies, other people's psychic weather, events from the past, and vibrations that occur environmentally.

shamanic energy medicine assists with:
tiredness or exhaustion
lack of focus and attention
anxiety or depression
healing from illness or injury
memory lapses
cutting cords to past relationships or events
clearing emotional energy and thought forms from others
releasing memories and obsessions
grounding and centering
clearing and resetting your chakra system and auric layers
maintaining a clear energy system that supports physical, mental, and emotional health

Your session begins with purification using sage, cedar, or sweetgrass essences. This is followed by prayer and discussion about the process and what to expect. A combination of methods blending traditional indigenous healing practices with modern vibrational medicine are used. When your session ends, you will be given directions for aftercare and recommendations for maintaining your energetic health.

tools and methods used during extraction work:
shamanic drumming and rattling
pure essential oils
toning with bells, chimes or vocals
crystal medicine
breath work
guided meditation
spiritual intuitive counseling
Energy sessions are done in-person at my office, and by phone, skype, or facetime.

Rates for shamanic energy medicine can be found by clicking on location and rates.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session, please call me at 206 293 4592 or email

Please note: The information offered in a session should not be substituted for any professional medical, legal, or financial advice. Your session is intended to offer guidance, insight, and tools to support your well-being and is subject to your own personal interpretation and choices. I am not able to guarantee specific outcomes. Thank you.

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